Play Smart, Win Big!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

SmartBid Beta 2

You said, We listened!

First, we want to extend our thanks and sincere appreciation to all our beta testers for your constructive feedback and helpful suggestions to make our site super fun. You sent hundreds of ideas, suggestions, technical problems and product choices- We at SmartBid sincerely say "Thank You!"

We read through every single one of those mails (We love 'em - keep 'em coming!) and tried to get as many of them in to make our site exciting for you. Today, We are launching our 2nd beta where we have focused on making our bidding experience super fun and intuitive! The two most interesting things you will notice are:

1. We added a bid board showing all possible bid values you can place on the auction - so no more typos and missing decimals, just select your bid and you're done! And it's just more fun to hover over the bid values and show them pop up - try it out, our Engineers love it and we hope you would too!

2. We have drastically reduced the bid cost - so if you get in early, you get to bid at half the price compared to the closing bid price which is triggered when 30% or less of maximum bids left. So get in early, strategize and block off unique bids at half the cost!

Apart from this, we have made numerous other small improvements across the site like showing your current savings, current lowest unique bidder, hint improvements and many more! We are super excited to hear your feedback about the new SmartBid auction page and overall site!

And last but not the least, We are working super hard to go live as soon as possible as many of you've asked. You can follow us on our facebook or twitter page to get the latest and greatest before the world does!

So be cool, play smart and send us your feedback - we can't wait to see our inbox popping up with your mails!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

SmartBid beta testing opens tomorrow

Exciting news!

Our lowest unique bid auction site SmartBid is open for Beta testing starting tomorrow. We would like to invite every one to participate in the beta and share your valuable feedback with us.

We will give a free $100 bid package as a token of appreciation for the beta tester who submits the highest quality bugs and valuable suggestions to improve the overall experience of our site.

This is a great opportunity to get to know our auction model and hone in your strategy for free before we live! Head on over to and start signing up - We'll give you free 100 bids to get you started right away.

Game on Smarty Pants! Play Smart, Win Big!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beta testing opening soon!

Our Engineering team has been hard at work for last couple of months to create the next generation auction site - where you Play smart to win BIG!

We'll be opening our site for beta testing and feedback from you, the savvy enthusiastic deal seeker. We will be giving out grand prizes to the best beta tester for providing cool suggestions and finding technical problems with the site.

Excited to check out the first sneak peek of the site? Want to grab the grand prize by finding bugs and giving out suggestions? Keep an eye on the blog over the next few days. More details coming soon, real soon!