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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Introducing Power Hour Timed Auctions

Dear SmartBidders,

We are happy to announce bid pack power hour which will be an hour full of action packed bid pack auctions. Power hour will start from 9PM EST this Wednesday.

So what's so special about power hour?

You want to take down your competition with some extra bids? Power hour gives you exactly that opportunity. To start with, power hour auctions are all time based with no reserve. Here is a quick set of rules explaining how it works:

  1. Auctions close by time instead of maximum bids. So, if you have the lowest unique bid when the timer hits zero, you win!
  2. Every time a bid is placed, 30 seconds will be added to the timer. If there are less than 30 seconds left in the clock, every bid will reset the timer to 30 seconds instead of adding 30 seconds to it.
  3. The hints are always very precise (typically within 5 cents range) .
  4. And last but not the least, each bid costs only 75 cents through out the auction.

**Update: Some of our timed auctions have a starting base price. This price would be added to the final bid price to determine the final price. The Starting price would be clearly shown in the auction page.

We hope you all will have fun in this fast paced auctions and devise your own strategy to outsmart your competition. All power hour bidders can load up their account with the coupon code "POWER" for 10% additional free bids with any bid pack purchase.

We at SmartBid are committed to bring you the most fun and rewarding bidding experience. Please let us know your feedback about power hour auctions at or share it at our facebook page.

Play Smart, Win Big!
SmartBid Team

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Introducing Lower Bid Cost & Win Limit

Dear SmartBidders,

You said, we listened!

First, we want to extend our thanks and sincere appreciation to all of you for your feedback and suggestions to make our site super fun. You sent lots of ideas, suggestions and product choices through our survey - we at SmartBid sincerely say "Thank You!"

We read through every single response and worked on the ones which you all asked. Some of the major updates you will notice as of today:

  1. Lower Bid Cost: We slashed the bid cost for most of our auctions from $1 to 75 cents. Which means more bids for the same buck - so if you have $75 in your account, you can bid 100 times now in regular auctions.
  2. Win Limit: No one likes one bidder winning all the auctions and having all the fun. So, now if you are a smarty pant and have won 5 auctions in 7 days - We ask you to reward yourself by taking a break - Which means more reasons for all of you to jump in and play without fear!
  3. Beginner Auction: We have now more beginner auctions listed and if you haven't won 3 auctions you are eligible to participate.
  4. Early Bid Limit: To make our auctions more fair for everyone, we are introducing early bid limit. Now, we are limiting 25% of the early bids per bidder in order to give other bidders a fair chance to bid at the discounted bid cost period. So get in early and bid at half the price.

And don't forget you can always use our Reward Store to redeem dollar for dollar spent on bids on regular auctions.

Bid to win huge savings. Play Smart, Win BIG!

The SmartBid Team