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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Introducing Buy It Now Feature and Reward Store Rampup

Hello SmartBidders!

Thank You all for your feedback about free bid initiative and new hint bar. Today we are unveiling our second set of new features -
  1. Buy It Now: Anytime during an auction or up to 7 days after the auction is over, you will now have the option to buy the auction item for its "Buy It Now" price. Our Buy It Now price starts way lower than the retail price and it's highly competitive (Compare our prices to if you like!). Every time you bid, the Buy It Now price will be reduced by the current bid price. So whether you win the auction or not, you will always get a great deal at SmartBid. We are adding "Buy It Now" feature to our timed auctions first and we would love to hear your feedback.

  2. Reward Store Update: You wanted more products in our reward store - and it's almost holiday season! So, in the spirit of the season, we are revamping our reward store with a lot of new products to reward our awesome bidders! Remember, for every bid you place you get equal amount of reward credits and they can be exchanged dollar for dollar in our reward store. If you want to see your favorite holiday gift, please send us your suggestion and our product team will try their best to put it up in the store.
In addition to the above changes, we are also adding some new variations to our timed auctions. Instead of starting from 1¢, we will start from a base price (say $10) and the winning bid will be added to the base price to determine the final bid. So, if you win with a bid of 4¢, the final price you would have to pay is $10.04. The starting price will be clearly shown in the auction page. You can win up to 2 "timed auction" per day and these wins don't fall under regular win limit.

Please let us know what you think about our changes in our facebook page or as always you can send a mail to to share your feedback.

Happy Bidding
SmartBid Team

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Introducing Early-Bird free bids & Hint bar

Hello SmartBidders!

It has been exciting last couple of months at SmartBid HQ in Sunnyvale, CA and we have been busy building some cool features for making our game even more fun! Today we are unveiling our first set of fall features -
  1. Early Birds Get Free Bids: You asked for FREE bids and here you go - If you are among the early bidders in an auction, your first bid is on us! Look for the "Free Bid Period" status on our auctions to unlock your free bid. We will share updates both on our facebook and twitter page as soon as new auctions are posted - be sure to follow us to be among the first bidders and get free bids!

  2. Improved Bidding Experience: We are switching the pop up message that shows up after every bid with a top hint bar. The hint bar will always show the range where the current lowest unique bid is and how many bids are left before the auction will close. Every time you bid, it will show your more precise range about the lowest unique and the exact number of bids left. We hope this will simplify and improve your bidding experience. If you miss our pop up hints, you can enable the "option in My Preferences page.
We are also changing the current win limit to 7 wins per rolling 7 day period. We will update our second set of features in the coming weekend! Please let us know what you think about our changes in our facebook page or as always you can send a mail to to share your feedback.

Jump in to get free bids now!

Happy Bidding
SmartBid Team