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Friday, June 25, 2010

Beginner's Auction Update

A quick update from the Engineering team about Beginner's Auction:

Now Bidders who have won less than three auctions can participate in a beginner's auction - so jump in to get great deals with less competition.

Thank you to all of you who are finishing the survey- We are working on the features (hint: lower bid cost) you are asking us the most.

Play Smart, Win BIG!
SmartBid Engineering Team

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Introducing Reward Store and Win Limit

Dear SmartBidders!

We are proud to announce SmartBid Reward Store! As of today, you can play in SmartBid auctions completely risk free. As you know, we give back every dollar in reward credits for every dollar you spend in regular auctions. From today onwards you will be able to redeem your reward dollars in our reward store. We will match dollar for dollar and you will be able to take equal amount of discount to buy Amazon gift card or bid packs. So, if you have spent $10 in bids and didn't win - no problem. You can apply those $10 reward credit in redeeming $100 Amazon gift card for $90 and so on. You can also choose to play in our reward auctions as always.

Thank You to all of you who had taken our survey and gave us feedback. We want to make sure we build new features which you care the most. Reward store is a step in that direction. We have also added more selections of products (to all you electronics lovers - HP computers and Nintendo gaming consoles!) as you requested.

Another important step we are taking today is to impose Win Limit in order to give everyone more chances of winning their favorite products. Members would be prohibited to bid on the same featured product (retail price over $100) that they have won in last two weeks so that everyone else has a chance to win.

Last but not the least, please take a moment to finish the survey (takes less than a minute to finish) who haven't taken it yet and you will be awarded 2 free bids. Send us a mail to after you finish your survey for free bids. You can also earn as much as 6 free bids by referring your friends to SmartBid.

Bid to win huge savings. Play Smart, Win BIG!

The SmartBid Team

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Great first day at SmartBid

We had a great first day at SmartBid!

We want to congratulate our first winner crazybidder who won a $10 gift pack with his 3 free bids! Register now and you can win also bid packs and gift cards at our beginner's auctions for 3 free bids.

We got great press coverage from our first day. Here is a news coverage from Yahoo news! SmartBid Takes Bargain-Hunting to The Next Level.

Watch our interview at

Play Smart and win BIG!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SmartBid Grand Opening

Today, We are excited to announce the launch of SmartBid where bargain-hunters bid smart to win BIG! SmartBid members save up to 90% off retail on brand new products from sought after electronics to brand name gift cards through an exciting pay-per-bid reverse auction model where shopping is fun and engaging.

Why we created SmartBid:
We are a bunch of passionate shopaholics and we love nothing more than sweet deals! When we first saw penny auctions last year – we loved the idea how shopping can be fun and rewarding while competing for a cherished product with fellow bargain hunters. However, we soon realized that winning in regular penny auctions are more of luck than real competition.

We wanted to take the luck factor out of pay-per-bid auctions and put the bidders in the driver’s seat. This is why we are introducing Smart Auction™, an exciting reverse auction format where users bid skillfully to beat the competition and win brand new products at incredibly low cost. Register now and get 3 free bids to play for free.

Our unique features:
1. As the name says, it’s all about bidding smart. Unlike conventional auctions where highest bidder wins, SmartBid works quite the opposite. Products get bid typically within a range of a penny to a dollar and the lowest bid which is not matched by any other bid wins. Bidders use skillful insights to place bids which are unmatched by other bidders. SmartBid also helps along the way with hints, bidding history and live email updates to make the experience fun and interactive. Take a look at our video to see how it all works.

2. We wanted to create a fun and fair bidding environment for all. Auctions are designed to cater to different skill levels and everyone has a chance to get their money back in exclusive reward auctions. No one comes out empty-handed at SmartBid - members receive equal reward credits for every dollar spent on regular auctions which they can use to play in reward auctions or donate to charitable causes. We have selected Oceana for our first month beneficiary.

3. We also wanted to introduce complete control and transparency in the shipping process. As soon as you pay the winning bid price, you will receive an automated Amazon gift code equivalent to the product price in your email address along with instructions how to redeem your product in Amazon.

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank all beta testers who helped us test the site for last couple of months. Your feedbacks and encouragement have been extremely helpful and most of them have been incorporated directly in our site. It was extremely hard to choose the best beta tester when there were so many worthy candidates – hence, we have decided to declare multiple winners!

And the winners are-

1. PennyPincher - $40
2. soonerjudd - $10
3. amcoffee - $10
4. KSteven7 - $10
5. chrissy - $10
6. rebecca1973 - $10
7. elmo627 - $10

For rest of you – thank you for your helpful feedback and all of your test accounts have been migrated with $3 free bids to our live site.

Have fun and get ready to play smart and win BIG!