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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day special - Introducing Extended Bids Back Auctions

Dear SmartBidders,

Thank You for your support and enthusiasm over our "Early Bids Back" auctions. We have received a lot of requests over making the bids back period extend further to the closing soon stage to make it more fun! We are pleased to announce today that we will be running extended bids back auctions (indicated by ) over the mother's day weekend!

Here are the set of rules for our Extended Bids Back auctions:

1. As before, all your discounted bids will be returned if you don't win in our Extended Bids Back auctions. This period will be marked as "All Bids Back"!

2. Next as soon as the auction goes to closing soon, till the auction reaches last call (less than 25% left to close) - We will return half of your bids back. This period will be marked as "Half Bids Back"!

3. These bids will be returned as free bids and you will be able to use them right away in our regular auctions including any bids back auctions.

4. As usual, all paid bids which were placed in Closing Soon period (including the half bids back period) would be returned as reward bids.

There you've it - now through the mother's day weekend, get in the bids back frenzy! Since by the time bids back period is over, the auction is already in "Last Call" - don't get too far from your computer screen - chances are the auctions will close real fast! Good luck and have a wonderful "Mother's Day" weekend!

Play Smart, Win BIG!
SmartBid Team